Thursday, July 3, 2008


I get really excited when someone brings a bike in and has it modified to do something that it is totally capable of doing (and doing well) but it's not the "normal" use of the bike.

I haven't seen it, but I know that one of our customers named Meghan has a Jamis Coda Sport but she has fat tires on it and does light mountain biking with it.

You can also ride a cyclocross bike on singletrack. Here's Josh riding a log pile last winter. Admittedly, Josh is a much better rider than I am, I wouldn't try this myself.

The Jamis Nova Pro is a really cool bike. I raced it through most of last year's cyclocross season. We recently sold one to a woman named Candace who will be using it as a fast and light touring bicycle. She's got some slicks on it, and we found out that using a monostay adapter, we can set it up with a rear rack even though it has carbon seatstays. Cool! Here's some pictures.

Candace's bike


are you doing something cool with your bike? Drop us a line and let us know, send a picture if you have one.

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