Thursday, July 24, 2008

proteus bicycles @ the tour!

well not really. but let me explain... every now and again, we get people coming into the shop asking if our bikes are as good as trek, cannondale, specialized and giant. I then take the time to explain that in many ways, no bike company is necessarily better or worse than any other (big box bikes excluded). The main thing those other companies have going for them is size and name recognition so the average non-cyclist still may have heard of them. Pacific Bicycles has totally taken advantage of this in buying the names of Schwinn and Mongoose and using that to sell unsafe, poorly-assembled bicycles in big-box stores.

But that's not the point of this post at all. I just wanted to let you know that 3 brands of bicycles we carry at Proteus are currently being ridden in the Tour de France.

The Garmin Chipotle Team rides Felt.

Barloworld rides Bianchi.

Euskaltel Euskadi rides Orbea.

The tour has been pretty interesting this year, and it's pretty much on in the shop non-stop. If you haven't been watching, you might want to turn it on this Saturday, it should be a pretty cool stage.

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Tom Jones said...

My GF rides an Orbea she bought from your shop and she LOVES Sammy (she named the bike).

She can't say enough good things about your shop and the great quality and service you guys provide.

Once I save up some $$$s I'm going to come looking for another bike. Maybe I'll buy the same Orbea she has so we can have a controlled experiment to truly determine who is fast. Regardless she'll still be a better hill climber than me!