Wednesday, July 23, 2008

nope, it's not the latest in club wear...

as the temperature climbs and the humidity rises, it seems a lot easier to skip riding because of the heat. We got this crazy gadgety type base layer in. It's basically a polyester fishnet singlet. The box says that the mesh feature creates space between you and your jersey, and that this improves air flow and cools you more. I have to admit, I was skeptical when I saw it...mainly because it looks silly and I look silly enough on my own without making it worse with wacky get ups. If you are a little more fit than I am, you can probably wear it with a little more confidence. That said, I put it on and hopped on the bike today and I could definitely feel a difference. so if you are suffering through the heat and you want to suffer a little less, maybe pick one up and give it a try. and then you'll have something cool to wear when you head out to the clubs on the weekends (just wash it after you ride in it :)


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