Tuesday, April 22, 2008

bakers dozen race

so this weekend, many of the proteus gang (along with some folks from the racing union) tried out their first enduro mtb race. Here's some abbreviated helmet cam footage of my first lap. It doesn't look great, apparently when I am on a mountain bike I need to angle the camera up higher so it's not all pictures of the trail. But here it is for your viewing "enjoyment".

Friday, April 11, 2008

Directions to las giro de birra. Saturday! Rain or Shine!!!

directions from 495:
Take 495 to 270 north take exit 4a montrose road
stay left at fork
take left at first light (Tower Oaks BLVD)
take right at first light (wotton pkwy)
left at second light (west edmonston)
got to bottom of the hill. straight at stopsign
at the end of west edmontson take a right (cabin john pkwy)
take left at stop sign and than IMIDIATE left (monroe st)
follow monroe into the park
the first parking lot onthe left is the meeting spot
you should see b ball and tennis courts

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Las Giro De Birra Ride

11 AM Saturday April 12th.
Dogwood Park (Monroe Street in ROckville MD) to Gordon Biersch in ROckville.

park near the basketball courts @ the north entrance.

for more info call 301-441-2928 ask for Wes.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Standard in Bike Fitting.

Welcome to the next step in fitting technology. While it's possible for a trained fit specialist to adjust a saddle to the perfect position, there is no way to guarantee your butt will stay there...Until now. Proteus Bicycles is proud to introduce the clipless saddle (patent pending.)

Used in conjuction with our cleated shorts (patent pending,) the clipless saddle keeps your rear in the perfect positon for maximum comfort and performance.

While wearing the cleated shorts (or Clhorts for short,) just rest your pelvis against the saddle and press your body downwards. To exit the clipless saddle, simply jerk your pelvis to the left or right (like the electric slide.) We opted for the Look Cleat Platform as it provided the greatest engagement between cleat and saddle. We are currently testing prototype spd/time/and crank bros Clhorts with recessed cleats for mountain biking and long touring, we expect that they will be available early 2009.

Still not convinced of the superior quality of this product? Come try it yourself. If you're not absolutely sure this is the best saddle ever made... than you can try another one.