Thursday, October 23, 2008

RIDE OF THE LIVING DEAD 4! a proteus halloween ride/party

It’s that time again, the Proteus Halloween Ride / Party is upon us. The past few years we have had slow casual rides on a weekend morning, but this year we’re going to turn up the spooky (but keep the ride casual). At 7PM Thursday Oct. 30th we will meet @ the shop. At 7:30 sharp (no stragglers!) we will roll out for a casual, slow, fun night time ride along the local trail system. There will be some on-road riding, but most will be on trails. Dress warmly because it will probably be a little chilly. Bring a light if you have one, if you don’t it’s OK. Along the way, we are going to stop briefly, turn out most of the lights and enjoy some “spooky live music.” Then we turn around and hightail it back to the shop (probably arriving around 8:30 or a little later?) for some snacks, food and drinks.

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