Tuesday, April 22, 2008

bakers dozen race

so this weekend, many of the proteus gang (along with some folks from the racing union) tried out their first enduro mtb race. Here's some abbreviated helmet cam footage of my first lap. It doesn't look great, apparently when I am on a mountain bike I need to angle the camera up higher so it's not all pictures of the trail. But here it is for your viewing "enjoyment".


Chris Mattingly said...

Dude sweet! That was this weekend?

Man...if only I had gotten my economic stimulus money earlier! I totally would have stimulated the Proteus economy (not to mention some of the workers (-; )
(It's winking)

PS: When I buy that Unit 2-9, can you make it look like this bike: http://cjmathletics.blogspot.com/2008/04/mountain-cross-rosaryville-state-park.html
Would that be a fashion fo-pah? I don't care...


jv said...

totally. you might want to hook it up with these bars:


gwadzilla said...

I want to do some helmet cam stuff... but a dry run for angles would be cool

more than likely I may use the camera to follow someone more stylish and skilled
so I will have to learn how to direct it
but vanity wants to to ride fast and let the camera tell the story of the lines I chose and the obstacles I cleared
or didn't clear

Chris Mattingly said...

I was so confused when I read this post and comment? ...I missed Bakers Dozen? Wait...big bear? hold on, I didn't write that comment yesterday. Crap...did I forget about the race? WHY DIDN"T JIM REMIND ME?!slashone

Oh I see...that was 2008