Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Standard in Bike Fitting.

Welcome to the next step in fitting technology. While it's possible for a trained fit specialist to adjust a saddle to the perfect position, there is no way to guarantee your butt will stay there...Until now. Proteus Bicycles is proud to introduce the clipless saddle (patent pending.)

Used in conjuction with our cleated shorts (patent pending,) the clipless saddle keeps your rear in the perfect positon for maximum comfort and performance.

While wearing the cleated shorts (or Clhorts for short,) just rest your pelvis against the saddle and press your body downwards. To exit the clipless saddle, simply jerk your pelvis to the left or right (like the electric slide.) We opted for the Look Cleat Platform as it provided the greatest engagement between cleat and saddle. We are currently testing prototype spd/time/and crank bros Clhorts with recessed cleats for mountain biking and long touring, we expect that they will be available early 2009.

Still not convinced of the superior quality of this product? Come try it yourself. If you're not absolutely sure this is the best saddle ever made... than you can try another one.

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yo said...

OMG!!! How much are they? What colours do they come in?