Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday in November

So this is a cross post from the cyclocross blog (pun intended). This weekend was a huge weekend for the proteus cyclocross "team". We've had more and more green jerseys coming out at the 'cross races as the season has progressed (you would think that it would go the other way since it's getting colder and colder) and yesterday's race was a big one. We had six riders who in the women's B and Men's C race. But along with that, we had a number of friends and family also there. I put the word "team" in quotes because we're not a team in a conventional sense. If you go fast and do well, that's cool. But if you don't, that's cool too. So here's two pictures compliments of CJ's camera (I can only assume that she didn't take both, because she's in one of them). The first is Greg, who raced for the first time because he thought it looked like fun. He's in a borrowed jersey on a borrowed bike. And the second is 3 friends on a cold Sunday in November.

more photos here.

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