Friday, September 26, 2008

training wheels? we don't need no stinking training wheels!

so, this has been a long time coming but proteus is now a dealer for like a bike! like a bike is a bike for children that takes a different approach to learning to ride a bike. I know a budding young cyclist named Holden (who is now 4 years old). He began riding a like a bike at age 2. There are no pedals or training wheels, it works just like a very old velocipede. There are a number of cool things about them. As they improve, they can go faster and faster and when they transition to a real bicycle, they will not need training wheels. I'm REALLY excited to be selling these because I think they are great.

We will be selling the likeabike aluminum version as well.
Oh, and about a week ago, a friend of mine (HOlden's father) called me to tell me that Holden just rode down 3 stairs in the park on his 16" wheel bike. We may be looking at a future Kona CLUMP team member.

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