Friday, August 22, 2008

1st cx practice of the year!

starting last night, there will be a weekly cyclocross practice on the Univ of MD campus. Thursday nights. For now, they start at 6:30 and will run probably until 8. if you can't get there by 6:30, just wait in front of the steps of the comcast center and we will roll by soon enough.

Last night was a very low-key ride.

Both Bens were there, along with Hillary, Dale, Jen and Ryan from the Bike rack. we rode quite a few warm up laps and then maybe 4 total at pace. I broke out the helmet cam last night so check it out if you want.


Tom Jones said...

Is anyone welcome? I've been wanting to try cross for a while, but haven't gotten around to it. I have zero experience, but cross looks like a ton of fun and seems to be a great cycling community.

I have a road bike I could relatively easily convert over to cantilevered brakes (at least on the front)

jv said...

By all means! the typical practice is:

a little bit of practice mounting and dismounting while we wait for more people to show up.

a few slow laps around the practice course.

a few fast 1 lap races with time to regroup in between.

Tom Jones said...

Awesome! I'm in. I just took the plunge to convert my road bike over for a fall / winter full of cyclocross fun.

If everything comes in the mail ASAP I should see you guys next Thursday night fully prepared to embarrass myself with a huge lack of cyclocross skills.

If things don't come in the mail on time, I'll be there the following Thursday!


Chris Mattingly said...